“The Agile Executive Primer” book

For some time I have been talking with executives of companies – CTO’s CIO’s, Vice Presidents – that are starting their agile adoption, and helping these leaders understand the changes their organization will likely go through. One thing I was asked for time and again was a brief, focused book that explained the agile concepts they must understand, and the organizational issues they need to pay attention to. Being unable to find such a book, I decided to write one, and so “The Agile Executive Primer” was born.

This is a short work of around 60 pages, but this is what the leaders I worked with asked for – something quick to read, filled with highlights of things they should pay attention to, and useful as a starting-point for more in-depth study of specific topics (study these executives can delegate).

Cover proof

Unlike Blaise Pascal, who said “I have only made this letter longer because I have not had the time to make it shorter”, I have taken great pains to make this book short, without leaving-out any relevant information. The intent is for the topics in this book to encourage you to have conversations with your leadership team, and decide upon the right approach, the best toolset, and the most appropriate strategies to use in your organization. It is not a “how to” manual, but a “what to pay attention to” guide.

You may buy it here, or order it from Amazon. It comes in both printed and Kindle versions.

There is also a 4-hour workshop based on this book to encourage your organization to start these conversations, especially the cross-organizational interactions that are vital to the successful delivery of high-value, high-quality software. You can find more information on this workshop here.