The Agile Project Manager

This 3-day workshop is designed for program managers and project managers and outlines the roles, responsibilities, activities and accountabilities of both in an agile project. It addresses both the soft leadership methods and the technical skills that are required to run a successful agile project. It also teaches how to lead an agile project, its stakeholders and team members while reporting and communicating in a transparent way to all parties involved.

  • Be able to discuss the differences between the leadership responsibilities on an Agile Project. (Program Management, Project Management, Iteration Management)
  • Understand the leadership responsibilities through the various phases of an Agile project
  • Learn the methods for Release planning and Iteration planning as well as the differences and relationships they have to each other
  • Gain an understanding of how to structure different types of Agile teams
  • Understand what measurements are effective for monitoring an Agile project
  • Understand leadership techniques for agile projects and appreciate how they differ from traditional project leadership

The Nature of the PM Role

  • Project Challenges
  • Project Leadership
  • Project Manager and Iteration Manager roles
  • Project Inception
  • Iteration 0
  • Develop and Deploy
  • Teams and team leadership

Leadership & Teams

  • Self organizing teams
  • Servant Leadership

Measuring Agile Teams

  • Burn ups
  • Running Tested Features (RTF)

For more information, please contact Paul Ellarby.


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