The Agile Business Analyst

This three-day highly-interactive workshop hones software analysis skills in the Agile context, where requirements are constantly changing, development is iterative and collaboration with business imperative.

This includes a deep-dive into Agile artifacts to effectively gather, express and manage changing requirements, mechanisms to model the business domain and iteration and release analysis and planning.

Focus on interaction, team-based learning labs to illustrate concepts in practice, and one foot firmly in ThoughtWorks’ experience of delivering thousands of projects globally, keep our courses engaging, practical and enabling

  • Understand the Agile Analyst role and its responsibilities to an agile team
  • Learn effective methods for requirements gathering and elaboration in an agile context
  • Obtain an understanding of how to author quality user stories and related artifacts throughout the various phases of an agile project
  • Understand the analysis process during development iterations
  • Appreciate the growing role of User Experience in agile analysis practices

All roles on the team, specifically including Business Analysts, Systems Analysts, Technical Analysts, User Experience Professionals

For more information, please contact Paul Ellarby.

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