Leadership in the Agile Enterprise

Many companies are using an agile approach to software development, greatly improving their quality and value of delivery. However, enabling agility throughout the organization – that is, moving from “doing agile” to “being agile” – takes a different type of management. We call this an adaptive leadership style, where we look at the way we manage the business different, based on speed of delivery, and value delivered.

This workshop introduces three main topics of moving to an adaptive leadership position:

  • Execution levers – things we can change in the way we execute
  • Adaptive leadership skills – how we need to view and act
  • Taking action – how we apply these to our portfolio, operations, and strategies
  • Overview of key execution levers in the agile enterprise — do less, quality, capability, speed-to-value.
  • Understanding of the agile leaders mindset – adapting, exploring, engaging, and riding paradox.
  • Application of these to your business model vis-à-vis operational, portfolio and strategic agility.
  • As with all our workshops, a high level of conversation and discussion – to make these concepts relevant to your organization – is encouraged, so you can get the most out of this as possible.

CxO’s Vice Presidents, and other leaders in the organization.

For more information, please contact Paul Ellarby.

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