Agile Fundamentals

This two-day interactive workshop takes your team through all of the aspects of delivering in an agile manner.

Starting with determining the vision for the project, through to writing stories, estimating, and producing release and iteration plans, this hands-on workshop explains all of the important techniques, meetings, activities, and interactions necessary to introduce agile practices into your organization.

Being highly interactive, we can even work on a real project that is about to be started in your organization, or use one of our proven projects.


This workshop covers all of the basic elements of an agile approach, including the following:

Agile methodologies

Scrum ; XP ; Crystal Clear ; Lean

Teams, roles, and culture

Project inception

Project vision ; personas ; user story writing ; acceptance criteria


Planning poker ; Throwing estimates ; Velocity planning ; Projected completion

Release and iteration planning

Visibility and communication

Engineering practices and quality

The project game – developing a project in an agile manner


Developers, testers, analysts, UX designers, business stakeholders, Project Managers, and others wanting to learn how to apply an agile approach to software development.

For more information, please contact Paul Ellarby.


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