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Paul Ellarby wrote his first line of code in 1976, as a Mechanical Engineer at Triumph Motors, a British car manufacturer.


He was fortunate enough to move into commercial software projects, becoming a developer, analyst, and consultant on large solutions, which led him to move from England to the USA in 1981.

In 1989, Paul joined EDS, where he was appointed Vice President for Asia Pacific in Centrobe, its database marketing and data warehousing organization in 1995.

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He headed a a 1,000 person organization distributed throughout the Pacific Rim. During his time there, he was charged with developing a new database marketing solution in the United Kingdom, using this distributed staff. It was during this project that he discovered the beauty and effectiveness of the agile approach. Paul has led multi-million dollar systems development projects, spanning multiple countries, with hundreds of people, and continues to lead large, complex projects. He has been using, refining, and developing new agile techniques ever since, and has applied the lessons learned from his manufacturing background (from both Triumph and General Motors in the 1990’s) to add into this mix what we now know as Lean Software Development.

Living in Minnesota,

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Paul now travels extensively, teaching teams how they can get the most out of an agile approach, and coaching executives on leadership in this new paradigm.

Learn more: http://tortillisgroup.com/

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