Job title inflation?

I like to keep contact with the people I have worked with, and the easiest way is, of course, LinkedIn. Lately, I have been seeing a lot of my contacts being “promoted” into new positions – but are they really?

Here are some of the job titles I have seen my friends being given…

  • Team coach
  • Agile mentor
  • Executive leader
  • Management coaching lead
  • PMO advisor
  • Internal consultant

Really? When we work on a team (and if you are not working on a team, be careful…), aren’t we all a coach? If we do not accept the responsibility of coaching (pairing / mentoring / advising) those people less experienced than ourselves, then shame on us. Everybody should be a coach to somebody – I learn most when I teach / advise / mentor – don’t you?

And “management coaching lead”? Dang, I always thought “management” thought we were both leading  AND coaching – or am I wrong?

So what about “executive leader”? Here is a clue – if you are an executive, you are SUPPOSED TO LEAD. Wow…

Title inflation – don’t be led astray. It’s not a promotion, but an opportunity to see how smart your organization is. Every one of the titles above describe what you should be doing – not what you need to start doing now you have been “promoted”. If this is your only promotion, are you really in the right place?

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